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Capt. Doyle Retires

Although I will still be active supporting the environmental protection of our beautiful Colorado River, the time has come for me to retire from fishing.

I’ve had eighteen fantastic years of fishing with some unbelievable anglers, both male and female. I could fill a book with the absorbing moments and the interesting people I have encountered. The first that comes to mind is a woman named Soon whose clothing bespoke her proper Chinese upbringing. Although it was July and the temperature was well over 100º, she wore a wool pantsuit with long sleeves and a high neckline. On her head she sported a black crownless hat with a floppy brim covered in sequins. She looked more like she was going to a luncheon rather than going out for a day’s fishing. She said she covered herself because she didn’t like to expose her skin to the sun. She also said eating fish heads on a daily basis would ward off wrinkles. I must admit that she had a flawless milky white complexion. Then there was the Auzzy, Barney, with the big smile and the hearty laugh who lived by the motto, “No worries mate.” His response after catching a plump two plus pound striper was, “It’s a fair dinkum fish.” One young lady wanted to set up a charter for her and her visually impaired mother. The mother, a refined British lady, had to rely on touch to know when a fish was tapping at the hook. She held the line in the crease of her index finger and never missed a hook-set the entire day. We talked quite a bit during our hours together. She told me she preferred to fish rigid to the earth–still fishing to us–and that her late husband, Harry, was a fine fisherman but such a bore. Somewhere in the course of our conversations she made the comment, “You colonists have totally destroyed the English language.” That was one fun day! One year I fished a man and his wife who obvious didn’t want to be there. It appeared she was there only to please her man because she sported short heeled shoes, casino garb, had sleep in her eyes and wore the previous days makeup. Who could forget Clifford and his grandson Callen from Whales. They come to the states every year to buy Callen’s school clothes–they’re half price here. Clifford enlightened me about the differences between fishing in the U.S. and fishing in Whales. He said he paid the equivalent of $250 American a year for a permit to fish a lake stocked only with carp. On top of that, he had to pay $50 (American equivalent) every time he fished. And that’s not the worst of it. From a drawing, he was assigned a spot and was not allowed to move!

Some years may have been more eventful than others, but no year went by without something to be remembered. My warmest recollections will always be introducing enthusiastic children to the art of fishing. While too many inspiring faces and occasions to cite in this space, know I will carry the memory of each and every one you in my heart forever.

Thank you all for the memories,

Until the next time, keep your sinker in the water and the plug in your boat.

Capt. Doyle

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." ~ Henry David Thoreau