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Welcome to the Colorado


 Since the last report, Topock Gorge has been popping with some bigger and better catches. The line-side action along with smallmouth bass and sunfish has been brisk. With the exception of a few at 2- and 2.5-pounders, the majority of the smallmouth bass taken have been dinks. Striped bass limits have been fairly common with sizes running between 2- and 5.5-pounds. Michael and Marlene Kennedy from Scottsdale, AZ reaped five stripers, one of which tipped the scales at 5-pounds. They also lost what, by all appearance, looked to be one in the 10-pound range! In the past month there’s been a few large fish caught and lost–some on live bluegill. Guy and his wife Korina from E. Vale, CA boated 4- stripers–one was a dink, but the other three weighed in at 3 ¾-, 4 ¼-, and 5.5-pounds. Lothian Ager from Orlando, FL enjoyed a day’s fishing on our beautiful river. He caught and released three stripers in the 2- to 3-pound range along with three dinky smallmouths and 15 sunfish weighing between 1- and 1 ¼-pounds. A limit of striped bass went to Ellen and Kirk Bright from Kingston, TN who also picked up smallmouth bass that weighed up to 2-pounds. Ed and Susan Murray from Lake Havasu, AZ likewise garnered a limit of striper with one tipping the scales at 5-pounds.  A lone largemouth was boated by Mark Garnett and his children, Peyton, Cade, Levi and Jeb of Spearman, TX who also reaped three line-sides, four smallmouth, and fourteen redear.  With only a total of six fish, John Azitia and his fishing buddies from Kingman, AZ didn’t have as productive a day as the afore mentioned anglers. But, they are fishermen and know that, that’s fishing!  Minnesota residents Mark and Linda Hilde and David Lound caught six smallys that weighed up to 2.5-pounds–they were all full of crawdads. Also taken were twenty redear, one of which came in at 2-pounds, and one 2-pound striper.  The heftiest line-side that I’ve heard about thus far was caught by 13-year-old Chase Vaughn who garnered two stripers during a night fishing excursion with is buddy Wyatt Zercher and Wyatt’s dad Marty–all are Golden Shores residents. Chase reaped a 5- and a 6-pounder near the mouth of Pirates Cove. Good job to Chase and two thumbs up to Marty for taking the boys out. Another local hooked into a stout striper that looked to be a couple of feet long while bank fishing off Dyke Road. The fish hit so hard and fast, the angler was forced to chase it up river on foot. He was able, after some time, to reel the dazed fish close to the bank. However just as the angler reached down to pick up his prize, it recovered its breath, slipped the hook and escaped!  Although summertime duck weed has begun to fill the back bays, the sunfish, so far, continue to be plentiful. If you’re able to get into the back bays, check the clear holes for fish. Over a hundred bluegill/redear mix have been boat over the past month. While a few were destined for the dinner table, most were released in order to catch another day. Catch and release doesn’t work unless it’s done right. Here are a few tips from John Hope’s book, Trackin’ Trophies: (1) Keep the fish in water as much as possible. (2) Never hold the fish through the gills or stick your fingers in their eyes. (3) Don’t rip or tear out hooks. (4) Try to bring your fish in quickly; Don’t wear them out by making them fight any longer than they have to. (5) If you feel you must use a dip net, purchase one specifically designed for fish. (6) Be gentle when releasing the fish back into the water. (7) Never use stringers for fish you plan on releasing. (8) treat the fish in your care as thought they were your children.  “Angling may be said to be so like the mathematics that it can never be fully learnt.” ~Izaak Walton

See you on the river. Until the next time, Keep your sinker in the water and the plug in your boat, and remember no matter what time of day or year it's always FunFishing on the Colorado!

Capt. Doyle